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The Colours Studio

Colours Studio is a leading social media

and community-building agency.


We specialise in assisting organisations, brands and individuals to build communities online.


From businesses to NGOs, government agencies to churches, personalities to politicians, we've helped many to matter and be able to gather online.

kill the fluff. 

In a sea of content and ballooned digits, big numbers if not translated to the betterment of your cause and call, is cheap. While views, likes and shares are valuable, they are not the end goal.


We are passionate about building impact through the content we agree to create.

We will help you to articulate your win and achieve it.


From getting your message to reach a wider audience, to mobilizing your community to show up physically at events, to reshaping beliefs and behaviors in society and to building new audiences online, the impact will be tangible.

We lead your social media team.

Through our consultancy, our managers will work closely with you & your team (staff or volunteers) to develop your social media presence. We will assist in leading your team in ideation, strategy, direction, feedback and continual development of your account, while your team executes on content creation. 

 Colours Studio will provide:​

  1. Strategy Development of Social Media Account

  2. Audience & Monthly Trends Analysis

  3. Assist in Content Planning and Ideation

  4. Platform Optimisation

  5. Performance Tracking and Reporting

  6. Weekly Strategic Consulting and Support

Our Roadmap.

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Innovate & develop products (strategy, content, offline events)



Help articulate

your win.

Distribute products & collect data and feedback


Map out your organisation and community.


Find the sweet spot where opportunity, network and organisational capacity meet.



Identify market opportunities and network.

Analyse, interpret, and understand data & further optimise strategies and evolve.

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Our Team.

Ready to werk? Drop us an email.



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