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Special Projects are programmes designed and built by Colours in collaboration with our non-profit partners. Our partners represent organisations that are already making a big impact in their community.


The role of Colours is not just offering more resources, but helping them scale their impact, overcome challenges and co-create new solutions. 


Read more about our current Special Projects below.




Home Sweep Home is a project that enters into the homes of the vulnerable communities that live in one/two-room rental flats, or are vulnerable in other ways to reimagine and enhance their homes for a safe, hygiene and dignified living.

We do it through decluttering, refurnishing, painting, and cleaning of the home.


Home Sweep Home was birthed from the belief that a safe, hygienic, and dignified home environment are fundamental for families and individuals to thrive. The home is where the transformation of our minds and lives begins, and a simple makeover could give people a chance to a better start at life.


In the early stages of the program, the Colours team went knocking on doors of one/two-room rental flats in Singapore to find out more about the daily plight of the low-income community. We learnt about the clients’ lifestyle, needs and challenges before reimagining and transforming the homes with a fresh coat of paint and furniture.


Ever since we launched this program, we have started partnering with Family Service Centres (FSCs) all over Singapore.


The FSCs provide client referrals of families and ensure that the families continue to receive long-term support after the home makeover.


This program was also intentionally designed to engage local volunteers, community organisations, schools and companies in serving the vulnerable.


Through this program and ecosystem of stakeholders, we continue to uplift the marginalised and vulnerable in Singapore.




Friends of Singapore Academy (FSA) is a collaborative programme with Hope Initiative Alliance (HIA) that aims to upskill and uplift migrant workers through courses, community and conversations. 

Over 700,000 migrant workers toil day and night to form the backbone of Singapore’s economy. Yet, they are often treated as second-class people and pushed aside in society. During the COVID pandemic, it unveiled the harsh realities of the living conditions and plight of migrant workers. 


This program seeks to address these vulnerabilities.


We believe a healthy society is not just one that is economically robust, but one that fosters love and care for all, regardless of background.


Through FSA, we uplift the migrant workers with practical skills and knowledge from our courses. Not only that, FSA aims to also strengthen the social fabric of Singapore, by cultivating greater inclusivity and compassion for our migrant brothers through our community of volunteers.


In 2024, the university will run 6 courses that

will benefit over 400 students with practical knowledge and skills with over 100 volunteers.







The Batam Education Tour is a program that goes into rural villages in Indonesia to run school tours with fun learning activities aimed at promoting school enrolment for village children.

With the Indonesian island located less than an hour’s boat ride from Singapore, the early days of Colours were spent holding education projects in the villages.


When we first started, one of the challenges faced by our local NGO partner was the low school enrolment rate as parents placed greater priority on their children working to support the family. 


So we launched the Batam Education Tour where we brought in volunteers to run carnivals including games, song & dance, skits and activities that brought life and hope to the villages.


Through the carnival, the parents began to entrust their children to our NGO partner for education and development. Colours also supported in strengthening English education for teachers and students.


Over the years, we’ve seen thousands of these children being enrolled into schools – a huge step towards greater social equality and transformed families through the power of education.





Colours Hope Centre is a one-stop hub that serves 100 low-income families in the Philippines. The centre provides healthcare, training and a safe place through pop-up clinics, skills training, youth & children development and community programs.

Poverty, child trafficking and a widening social inequality are major social issues that millions of Filipinos face.


We believe that strengthening the family unit in the Philippines is the solution to the deep social issues

they face.  

So, with our local NGO partner, we adopted a community of 100 families from the urban poor settlement in Paranaque. Colours Hope Centre serves this community through regular programs and services that aims to uplift them through education and social support.

Colours continues to partner with government officials, corporates and local stakeholders in serving the community and working towards replicating the family centre model throughout the Philippines.

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