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Humanitarian Org in Batam, Indonesia

Our clients have been working in the city of Batam, Indonesia, for more than 10 years, reaching out to marginalized communities, bringing medical aid, creating food and water supplies and supporting hundreds of families to build better lives. One of their core programmes is the free tuition program they organize weekly to help children all over the city do better in school so as to create a better future for themselves and the nation.


While the response for the tuition has been generally healthy, there are still many children who skip these classes and school because they have been taught since young that education is a waste of time. Their parents prefer for their children to work to make a quick buck as opposed to sitting in a classroom. A hefty price to pay long-term.

 (2013 to Present)

Long-term project

long term projects

We designed an educational tour to visit all the villages our clients currently have their tuition centres set up at. Through music, dance, arts and story-telling, we engage present and potential students, giving them a foretaste of what learning is like, in hopes of sparking interest and getting them on this journey of learning. The programme purposefully creates a buzz in the village, drawing parents and families out to witness their children engaged in learning, a first for some, in hopes that they will realize its importance and be reminded that their children require development and need to be children.


The tour has been ongoing since 2018. At present, we see more than 2000 children weekly attend the tuition classes. We also help our clients over the past few years, with their children sponsorship programmes and a few other projects. On top of this, we have assisted our clients in their sponsor-a-child programme, raise awareness and form new partnerships with Singaporeans and also helped buy and build an educational centre in one of the slum areas.

Our Work

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Singapore Girls Home, Ministry of Social & Family Development

Singapore Girls Home provides stability and safety for youths, between 10 and 19 years old, who may be at risk, in conflict with the law or requiring care and protection, with residential care. The youths have structured daily routines, undergo programmes for their holistic development, and are taught habits and skills to help them lead better lives. Family and community engagements are also harnessed to support their rehabilitation.

 (2016 to 2019)

Long-term project

Our Work

We designed programmes for the girls to get involved in enrichment activities that helped them in their rehabilitation. We also helmed the yearly “Appreciation Nights”, where families will be allowed to enter into the premises of the Home to eat as a family and watch their girls perform what they had learnt through the year and during their holidays. The night serves to bring families closer together, and for the girls to realise their potential, be empowered to dream, and validate their hard work, ensuring that they know their change and resolve have not gone unnoticed.

short term projects

 (2013 to present)

Youth Initiatives, Singapore

From organizing, strategizing and managing the socials of youth conferences that saw hundred to thousands at yearly events, to running workshops for schools and non-profit organizations, to designing talks for youth groups and initiating ground-up movements that made national news several times, we have thoroughly enjoyed helping countless individuals and organizations engage the gen z’s and millennials, while transforming their businesses, cultures and even bottom line.

Short-term project

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